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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Day Off without the kids

This last Monday was an official U.S. government holiday and I had the day off work. However, the kids did not have a day off school. Many times the international schools have a mix of local and international holidays that they try to fit, but as you would imagine they cannot give every holiday off as otherwise our kids would not have many school days left. Needless to say they were envious we had a day off and not them.
Anyway, Julie and I had a nice day for ourselves and decided to take a nice long walk. One of the great joys of living in Belgrade is the many parks and walking/bike routes to explore. We took a long walk starting from Ada, the island-park near our home and walked along the riverbank of the Sava and then the Danube which follow a series of boat nightclubs on the waterside and downtown Belgrade in the other side. We finished our walk at Kalemegdan fortress, at the heart of downtown Belgrade. We had a nice lunch at the Kalemegdan Terasa, which is a very good restaurant at the top of the Fortress area.

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